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Data Management

Available Services

  • database design
  • forms and reports development
  • financial record keeping with Quickbooks
  • client and customer billing
  • payroll and business tax preparation
  • financial statements
  • office systems development


Camp de Benneville Pines registration input form

De Benneville Pines is a camp in the San Bernardino National Forest. The facility offers cabins, meals, and activities for weekend and week-long groups throughout the year. Prior to the database, registrations for events were kept on Excel spreadsheets. Return campers' information was duplicated each time they visited. The database streamlined the information, keeping registrations, contact information, and donations together in one location. Within several years, the database included over 8,000 camper, 6,800 registration, and 2,400 donation records. Forms were used for data input and queries for various reporting functions. Click the image to view the registration input screen.

Global Village School database relationships

Global Village School is a private school independent study program based in Ojai, CA. Their students range for Kindergarten to 12th grade. Prior to the new database, the office was keeping track of curriculum purchases, teacher, parent, and student contact information, transcripts, classes, and tuition payments in separate spreadsheets. They needed a way to bring it all together. With the new database, the staff at the school will be able to create the forms and reports they need. Click the image to see the database tables and relationships.

Camp Metoche contact and event database relationships

Camp Metoche is a year-round facility near Angelus Oaks, CA. They provide meals and accommodations for a variety of church groups and other programs. Changes in state regulations required them to maintain records for not only their group leaders but individual campers as well. In order to keep track of that information, they needed to upgrade from their generic contact management program, to a database specific to their needs. Forms were created to allow for easy data entry of events, campers and new groups' inquiries. Click the image to see the database tables and relationships.